VII International Symposium on Marine Sciences

1 Jul 2020 - 3 Jul 2020

First organised in 2007 and held every two years, the International Symposium on Marine Sciences (ISMS) has developed into the flagship event for marine sciences in the Hispanic world. The largest symposium on this topic in Southern Europe, ISMS 2020 also serves as an umbrella event for more topic-focussed activities, which this year will feature the XX Iberian Seminar on Marine Chemistry (SIQUIMAR 2020) and workshops on Marine Litter (BAMAR 2020) and Marine Reserves (REMAR), all of which are open to international participation. This 7th edition of the symposium is being organised and hosted by EuroMarine member organisation the University of Barcelona (UB)

Promoted by the Assembly of Deans of Marine Sciences of Spain - including representatives from EuroMarine member organisations UBUCAUVigoULPGC and CSIC- ISMS 2020 aims to bring together world-class keynote speakers along with an extensive contingent of global experts across a variety of fields in order to foster transdisciplinary cooperation and strengthen the connections both between diverse research areas and between science and society.

All four of the component events invite interested researchers to submit abstracts relevant to one or more of the fifteen thematic areas for the future of marine sciences that have been identified within ISMS 2020. There will be oral presentations and poster sessions, and applicants can go to the Communications page of the symposium website to download the template for the specific event at which they wish to present.


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